How to Register or Request a Ride

How to register

o Register Rider on website: Family will be contacted after receipt of registration.

o Fill out and return enrollment form sent by FARE-Cle.

o Fill out and return medical form sent by FARE-Cle.

o Fill out and return questionnaire sent by FARE-Cle.

o Complete application for scholarship if needed.

o Sign scholarship agreement if granted.

o Participate in interview.

o Pay enrollment fee of $100.00 for the year which entitles the Rider access to Drivers who have been trained and vetted for the purpose of transporting individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

o Review COVID protocols which includes filling out and returning a liability form each week when services are used.

The above steps are required prior to the start of FARE-Cle transportation services. Please allow 1-2 weeks to complete the process.

FARE-Cle does not guarantee an available driver for all requested trips.

How to request

To request a ride after you are enrolled: Click the REQUEST button below and fill out the form. After submission, Fare-Cle will contact you. REMEMBER, we require up to a week to match a driver to meet a Rider’s needs. Register early!

Recommended fee schedule

Transportation costs vary according to time in transit.

Suggested Rates

Suggested Rates

Suggested Rates

Time in Transit

1 passenger

2 passengers

3 passengers

1- 30 minutes


$11.20 per passenger

$10.20 per passenger

31-60 minutes


$17.50 per passenger

$16.50 per passenger

Or, if you are already registered with us,