How to Register or Request a Ride

How to register

Families interested in FARE-Cle services must set up an Intake Interview to assist in developing a transportation plan to meet the needs of the Rider.. The 1 hour intake interview will be conducted with the Rider, the director of FARE-Cle and a parent or guardian present. If the parent or guardian agrees to terms and conditions of FARE-Cle service, a fee of $100.00 will be charged for one year of access to FARE-Cle. The fee entitles the Rider access to Drivers who have been trained and vetted for the purpose of transporting individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

The Rider will be matched with a driver and all arrangements for transportation will be  made between the driver and the family.  Fees paid to the driver must follow the recommended schedule below unless agreement is reached between driver and family to revise the fee structure.

It is recommended that rides  are requested a week ahead of time for regularly scheduled activities. FARE-Cle requires 1 week to procure the name(s) of a driver(s) for the client. FARE-Cle does not guarantee an available driver for all requested trips.

How to request

Click the REQUEST button below and fill out the form. After submission, Fare-Cle will contact you. REMEMBER, we require up to a week to match a driver to meet a Rider’s needs. Register early!

Recommended fee schedule

Transportation costs vary according to time in transit.

Suggested Rates

Suggested Rates

Suggested Rates

Time in Transit

1 passenger

2 passengers

3 passengers

1- 30 minutes


$10.80 per passenger

$9.80 per passenger

31-60 minutes


$17.00 per passenger

$16.00 per passenger

Or, if you are already registered with us,