Fare-Cle believes access to community activities or work should be available to all people regardless of financial means. Your donations to the Fare-Cle Community Fund ensures transportation is not a barrier to community engagement.  Your generosity will help subsidize the cost of rides for those who qualify.

         One Way                           $15.45

         Round Trip                       $30.90

         Gift Pack of 10 rides       $150.00

         Customize  Amount


Thank you to the following people for their generous gifts:


Community Fund Management Foundation

Legacy Village  Community Fund at the Cleveland Foundation

Supporters: (bold print indicates gifts over $1500.00)

Mendy Alevsky   Luisa Aviv   Karen Basch   Lenore Benjamin   Richard & Jackie Brooks   Mike Brown   Debbie Bush-White   Alyssa Campbell Stephanie Carroll   Art & Lori Chokena   Jim DeCarlo   Shari DeCarlo   Deb DeCarlo   Lisa Lowe Denkar   Fred Doob   Tom and Mary Gannon Lori & Joe Giuliani   Nancy Glick   Christie & Joshua Greene   Claire Greene   Jeremy Greene   Pattie Heban   Jayme Honigman   Shelli James   Michal Kaldor   Fern Kendis   Melissa Khorana  Courtney Kimbrell    Debe Klotzman     Bobbi Koplow   Laurie Kowalski   Penny Lashner   Joseph & Florence Mandel JDS 2 year old class   Michal Marcus    Theresa Markowitz   Melissa Mook    Huong Nguyen   Susan Pardee   Eden Pecha   Ruth Pecha   Sharon Peerless   Deborah & Scott Picker   Kia Picker   Koby Picker   Yana Pleshivoy    Chan Preston.  Kelly Quinn   Rainbow Philanthropic Fund   Julie Raskind  Nicholas Regan   Vari Robinson   Emily Rose   Myrnalee & Herb Rosinsky   Hadas Rudy   Jessica Sanders   Bill Sattin   Sattin Family Fund   Elizabeth Scully   Naomi Shiffman   Lindsey Shook    Carol Smith   Heidi Solomon    Jackie Spector   Raycine & Dennis Spector   Harlan Spector   Teri Spector   Trudy Stearns     Lisa Perna Trier  Michelle Wilhelm   Kristen Wynk   Susie Zimmer   Lisa Zimmerman

A Special Thanks:

J. Koby Picker for donating  time and expertise to create this website.

Lisa Lowe and Buckley King for making all things possible!

Fare-Cle Community Fund is a 501c3 charity.  No goods or services were exchanged for these donations.