Fare-Cle believes access to community activities or work should be available to all people regardless of financial means. Your donations to the Fare-Cle Community Fund ensures transportation is not a barrier to community engagement.  Your generosity will help subsidize the cost of rides for those who qualify.

         One Way                           $15.00

         Round Trip                       $30.00

         Gift Pack of 10 rides       $140.00

         Customize  Amount


Thank you to the following people for their generous gifts:

Mendy Alevsky   Luisa Aviv   Karen Basch   Lenore Benjamin   Richard and Jackie Brooks   Mike Brown   Debbie Bush-White   Alyssa Campbell Stephanie Carroll   Art and Lori Chokena   Jim DeCarlo   Shari DeCarlo   Deb DeCarlo   Lisa Lowe Denkar   Fred Doob   Lori and Joe Giuliani   Nancy Glick   Christie and Joshua Greene   Claire Greene   Jeremy Greene   Pattie Heban   Jayme Honigman   Shelli James   Michal Kaldor   Fern Kendis   Melissa Khorana  Courtney Kimbrell    Debe Klotzman     Bobbi Koplow   Laurie Kowalski   Penny Lashner   Joseph & Florence Mandel JDS 2 year old class   Michal Marcus    Theresa Markowitz   Melissa Mook    Huong Nguyen   Susan Pardee   Eden Pecha   Ruth Pecha   Sharon Peerless   Deborah and Scott Picker   Kia Picker   Koby Picker   Yana Pleshivoy    Chan Preston.  Kelly Quinn   Rainbow Philanthropic Fund   Julie Raskind  Nicholas Regan   Vari Robinson   Emily Rose   Myrnalee and Herb Rosinsky   Hadas Rudy   Jessica Sanders   Bill Sattin   Sattin Family Fund   Elizabeth Scully   Naomi Shiffman   Lindsey Shook    Carol Smith   Heidi Solomon    Jackie Spector   Raycine and Dennis Spector   Harlan Spector   Teri Spector   Trudy Stearns     Lisa Perna Trier  Michelle Wilhelm   Kristen Wynk   Susie Zimmer   Lisa Zimmerman

A Special Thanks:

J. Koby Picker for donating his time and expertise to create this website.

Lisa Lowe and Buckley King for making all things possible!

Fare-Cle Community Fund is a 501c3 charity.  No goods or services were exchanged for this donation.